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Last 7 WODS

Barbell: Back Squat *Find 1RM

WOD: Annie 50-40-30-20-10
Double Unders
Sit up

Barbell: Bench Press *Find 1RM

Min A: 3-5 Bar MU
Min B: 5 SA DB thruster 50/35

Barbell: Snatch *Find a 1RM

WOD: 3 rounds
500m Row
15 burpee box jump 24/20

Core: Max hollow rocks OR Max Hollow body hold R90s-2M x3

WOD: Midline March Remix 3 rounds
25 T2B
50′ HS walk
50′ OH walk lunge 95/65
*sub 5 wall walks for HS walk

Barbell: Clean and Jerk *find 1RM

WOD: Helen 3 rounds for time:
400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Kipp pull up

Strength: EMOM 10
Min A: 7/leg wtd step ups
MinB: 5 box jumps 30/24

WOD: 3 sets for time:
200m Run
15 Kipping pull ups
10 burpee

Push/Pull EMOM 10
Min A: 8 Bench Press @ 65%
Min B: 8 KB 3 point stance Row

WOD: 5 rounds for time:
350m Row
8 Front Squat 155/105
10 K2E

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