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Last 7 WODS

Barbell: 10 Minutes to Find a Heavy Deadlift REST 5:00 exactly before starting WOD

WOD: 5 Rounds for Time
4 Deadlifts (65-70% of Heavy Single)
16 Over the Bar Burpees

Gymnastics: Bar Complex -2 Bar Muscle Ups -4 Kipping T2B -2 Bar Muscle Ups x3-4 OR 5 T2B 5 kipp pull up x 3-4

Minute A: 3 Bar Muscle Ups or 7 Pull Ups
Minute B: 30 Double Unders
*on the 10 min mark
Wall Balls 20/14
Double Unders

Barbell: Every 2:00
7 Back Squats @65-75% of 1RM x5

WOD: 15-25-30-25-15
Butterfly Sit Ups
Russian KB Swings (70/53)
*100m Shuttle Down and back on turf 2x

Barbell: Find a heavy Muscle Snatch. Once you cannot muscle snatch anymore, find a heavy Power Snatch

WOD: Rowing Nancy 5 rounds
400m Row
15 OHS 95lbs

Barbell: Find a heavy Muscle Clean immediately proceed to finding a heavy single Power clean

WOD: 21-15-9
Calorie Row
Front Squats (115/75)

Gymnastics: Handstand push up complex
10s handstand hold
5 strict hspu
6 shoulder taps

WOD: Teams of 2 complete:
200m Sandbag Run
60 Sandbag Ground To Shoulder
200m Sandbag Run
60 Sandbag Lunges
200m Sandbag Run
60 Sandbag Shoulder to OH
200m Sandbag Run
*Each athlete holds on to one side of the sandbag during run
*Only one person working at a time during other sandbag movements

Gymnastics: EMOM 6
3 Bar Muscle Up

WOD: 3 Rounds for time
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35#
12 Pull-ups

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