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Big Easy CrossFit is high-intensity irelandpills functional movement for your whole body. Strengthen the muscles you use on a daily basis (and some you don’t), with constantly varying workouts to keep you focused on your fitness.

Each 1-hour class includes a warm-up, Workout of the Day (WOD), and mobility work for strength and flexibility. Anyone, young or old, fit or not, can reap the benefits of CrossFit.

Complete each workout at your own pace, never sacrificing form for repetition. Do your best work as fast as you can—the only competition in the CrossFit class setting is against your own personal record.

And at Big Easy CrossFit, you’re not just a locker number. Our community extends past the gym doors, and so does our commitment to making you the best you can be. Join us, and you’ll make friends. You’ll push yourself. You’ll accomplish what you never thought possible, and you’ll come back and do it again tomorrow.

Get started with On-Ramp, an introduction to common CrossFit movements. Or just sign up online—your first class is always free.


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