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Zack DiBenedetto – Owner / Head Coach :

Zack DiBenedetto – Owner / Head Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting, OPT Program Design, CrossFit Football.

Accomplishments: I've competed in a few different competitions in Louisiana and Texas.

Favorite aspect of CrossFit: I like that you never get bored with the workouts. Always new ways to challenge yourself.

Best advice to someone new to CrossFit: Take baby steps. Stay light and technical on lifts.

Favorite activities outside of the gym: I enjoy doing anything outdoors. Hiking, pick up games of varied sports, play with my dog "Breaux."

Sean Schmidt – Coach :

Sean Schmidt – Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 and eventually I'd love to get my Level II, but honestly I want my Kids Certification to start a kids program at Big Easy!

Accomplishments: I think being able to be on the certification team would be very cool. Not sure if that is doable with my current path. And a 6 pack. I've never truly had one.

Favorite aspect of CrossFit: Class setting. I'll never be able to work out along again. The community aspect just adds to it.

Best advice to someone new to CrossFit:  Take it slow and scale it down. Try to commit to 2 days a week, and stay active so soreness doesn't keep you from the gym

Favorite activities outside of the gym: Drinking, or somekind of food gathering with members!


Rachel Fazekas – Coach :

Rachel Fazekas – Coach

CrossFit Certifications: CrossFit level 1 and  CrossFit Weight Lifting Working to get L2-L4 certifications over the next few years.

Accomplishments: I have won or placed at multiple CrossFit competitions throughout the years.

Favorite Aspect of CrossFit: ALWAYS having something to work on. I love that in CrossFit you never get bored doing the same thing because there is always something you can get better at, from strength to technique to endurance, you're never not growing.

Best advice for a newbie: Take it slow. We all want to walk into the gym and be able to do every movement and do every workout at RX, but it is important to remember to take it slow at the beginning and have the right technique.

Favorite activities outside the gym: Drinking with friends and getting to know members outside of who they are as just an athlete at the gym.

Jenna Morales – Coach :

Jenna Morales – Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 and level 2. Hoping to get my Weightlifting Certification soon.

Favorite aspect of CrossFit: Where do I start? The community , the constantly varied, the challenge it gives me everyday I attend. Also the help I can provide for others with either bettering themselves or their technique.

Best advice to someone new to CrossFit:  Challenge yourself. Record things to see progress. It’s going to take time to become a good athlete but if you focus on technique and form and doing things right the rest will fall into place! Most of all HAVE Fun!

Favorite activities outside of the gymTraveling/exploring, hanging out with friends and family. MUSIC! Shows and festivals or exploring new music.




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