Zack DiBenedetto – Owner & Head Coach :

Zack DiBenedetto – Owner & Head Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting, OPT Program Design, CrossFit Football.


Accomplishments: I've competed in a few different competitions in Louisiana and Texas.


Favorite aspect of CrossFit: I like that you never get bored with the workouts. Always new ways to challenge yourself.


Best advice to someone new to CrossFit: Take baby steps. Stay light and technical on lifts.


Favorite activities outside of the gym: I enjoy doing anything outdoors. Hiking, pick up games of varied sports, play with my dog "Breaux."



Porter Nellans – Assistant Coach :

Porter Nellans – Assistant Coach

Andy Abele – Coach :

Andy Abele – Coach

Certifications: Doctor of Chiropractic (2005), Crossfit Level 1 (2008, 2012), USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Level 1 (2012), OPT-Program Design Module (2013), OPT-Life Coaching Module (2013), Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner (2005), NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (2006)


Accomplishments: 2nd Place Louisiana Christmas Weightlifting Invitational, 2nd Place Kyushu Regional Wakeboarding Comp., 3rd Degree Blackbelt Japan Karate Assn., Coach/Founder Loyola University Karate Team, Climbed the Grand Teton, Screen Actors' Guild Stunt Performer


Favorite aspect of being a Crossfit Coach: Definitely, having the ability to create lasting changes in people's lives. From developing better movement patterns to learning healthy dietary choices, Crossfit is the best venue (I've found) to improve someone's overall quality of life. It's just hugely rewarding... AND FUN!!!


Best advice for someone new to Crossfit: Just start. There is nothing you can do to prepare for Crossfit. You just have to jump in. Everything is adjustable to your needs and abilities. Just get in the door.


Favorite activities outside of the gym: wakeboarding, surfing, traveling, scuba diving, training karate... and olympic-style weightlifting!!!





Paul Gunawan – Assistant Coach :

Paul Gunawan – Assistant Coach




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