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Big Easy CrossFit is different from traditional gyms. Our 3,000-square-foot warehouse is airy and open, with plenty of space to run, jump, lift and stretch, the way your body is designed to do. We don’t have machines. We make them.

Here’s what sets the Big Easy CrossFit facility apart:
• Versatile equipment, including kettlebells, barbells, sleds, rings and ropes
• Floors made of shock-absorbent, sound-dampening rubber
• Walls boasting colorful graffiti art by community artists
• Full bathroom and shower

We stick to the basics, using classic equipment and your own body weight to get your daily workout. On nice days, we’ll move outdoors to take advantage of an additional 2,000 square feet. Ever flipped a tractor tire, climbed a rope, or pushed a sled? Come give it a try.

Big Easy CrossFit is located at 2401 Tchoupitoulas St.


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