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Goats are weaknesses, and you are only as fit as your weakest link. On “Goat Days” we create individual workouts for each athlete to improve their weakest link. The easiest way to decide what your goats are is to figure out what you would hate to see programmed in a WOD. Think about one to three movements that give you trouble and we’ll help you create a WOD.

Valium Where To Buy

12 min to complete

A. L-sit 15S
B. Handstand hold 28S

Skylar Bday WOD

1. 30 Deadlift 75/55
2. 30 Power cleans 75/55
3. 30 Push press 75/55
4. 30 Sit-ups
5. 30 V-ups
6. 30 K2E
7. 30 Box jump 24’/20′
8. 30 Wall ball 20/14
9. 30 Air squats
10. 30 Burpees
11. 30 DU or 90 singles
12. 300 m run