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50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time:

Double unders


**New wave of On-Ramp begins on Monday May 13th. Can’t wait to see all the new faces.  







Goats are weaknesses, and you are only as fit as your weakest link. On “Goat Days” we create individual workouts for each athlete to improve their weakest link. The easiest way to decide what your goats are is to figure out what you would hate to see programmed in a WOD. Think about one to three movements that give you trouble and we’ll help you create a WOD.

Congratulations to everyone who completed On-Ramp.  Welcome to the Big Easy CrossFit community!


“Death by pull-up”

Start with one pull-up the first minute and add one rep after each following minute.  Do this until you can no longer complete all the reps required in the minute.


“Death by squats”

Same as death by pull up, but instead of adding one rep you will add by three reps.



Hang Snatch



20 min AMRAP

Run 200 meters

**Rest precisely the time of the previous run 

**Push-Pull Challenge will begin on Monday.  Ask a trainer for more information.


“Fight Gone Bad”

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball  20 / 14 lb
Sumo deadlift high-pull  75 / 55 lbs
Box Jump  20″
Push-press  75 / 55 lbs
Row (Calories)


 Group cool downs!



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