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10-8-6-4-2 reps of Squat Clean  135/95 lb

in between each set:

50-40-30-20-10 reps of GHD Sit-ups









6:30 pm class knocking out squat cleans.


This Saturdays 11:30 am class will be switched to an “Olympic Lift” class to make up for last Sunday.  Hope to see everyone there!


Shoulder Press


Push Press


Push Jerk










Casey doing Toes 2 Bar.


1)  Due to Mardi Gras we will be pushing back the new wave of On-Ramps to February 18th.   Sorry for any inconvenience.  Hope to see a bunch of new faces ready to shake off that festival funk!

2)  There is a Dirty Girl Run February 23rd if any ladies are interested.  Sign up SOON before prices go up.  



WOD @ Audubon Park


Station 1:  10 rep Push up,  25 rep Kettle Bell Swing  “choose weight”

Station 2:  10 rep Push up,  26 rep Walking Lunge

Station 3:  10 rep Push up,  25 rep Jump overs

Station 4:  10 rep Push up,  25 rep Dips

Station 5:  10 rep Push up,  25 rep Burpee

Station 6:  10 rep Push up,  25 Squats

Station 7:  10 rep Push up,  26 Mountain Climbers

Station 8:  10 rep Push up,  25 Push press  45/35/15 lb

Station 9:  40 rep Knees to Elbow









Congratulations to everyone who just completed On-Ramp.

Welcome to the Big Easy family!


THe Olympic lift class is cancelled for Sunday, January 27th.  Coach Andy is ill and won’t be able to make it.  Sorry for the late notice and any inconvenience.  We plan to reschedule for next Sunday, February 2nd.  


2 rounds for time:


25 rep Deadlift  225/155 lb

25 rep Bar facing Burpee

25 rep Box Jump  24″









Joe 1 and Joe 2 running with Nikki to help her finish the WOD.  Truly a reason why CrossFit is so awesome.


Rest Day/GOAT day






Goats are weaknesses, and you are only as fit as your weakest link. On “Goat Days” we create individual workouts for each athlete to improve their weakest link. The easiest way to decide what your goats are is to figure out what you would hate to see programmed in a WOD. Think about one to three movements that give you trouble and we’ll help you create a WOD.






Saturday we are having only one WOD at Audubon Park @ 9:00am.  You can meet at the gym for 8:30am or at Audubon on the Magazine street side.  

Sunday we are holding a free Olympic lift class.  This is the perfect time to work on your form.  Hope to have a great turn out.  No need to sign up, just show up!


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