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5 rounds for time:


50 rep GHD Sit up

35 rep Hip Extension











The Saturday WOD at Audubon has been changed to 9:00 a.m. due to a parade.  This is to ensure we do not have to go around the parade route and avoid traffic.  




50 rep Pull up

400 Meter Run

21 rep Thruster  95/65  lb

800 Meter Run

21 rep Thruster  95/65  lb

400 Meter Run

50 rep Pull up












We will be having an outside WOD on Saturday @ Audubon Park @ 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, the 27th @ 10:30 a.m. we are having a free Olympic Lift class.   Come work with Coach Andy on perfecting your form on the Snatch and Clean&Jerk.  







We have reached the last week of On-Ramp.  Keep up the excellent work everybody!

Free Oly class this Sunday, the 27th @ 10:30 am with Coach Andy.  This class will benefit anyone looking to correct their form and gain strength in the Olympic lifts.


Rest Day/GOAT day






Goats are weaknesses, and you are only as fit as your weakest link. On “Goat Days” we create individual workouts for each athlete to improve their weakest link. The easiest way to decide what your goats are is to figure out what you would hate to see programmed in a WOD. Think about one to three movements that give you trouble and we’ll help you create a WOD.


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