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“Fran on a boat”

For time:

1000 Meter Row

21 rep Thruster

21 rep Pull up

750 Meter Row

15 rep Thruster

15 rep Pull up

500 Meter Row

9 Rep Thruster

9 Rep Pull up












Kick ball game:   Saturday at the FLY @ 10am-4pm.  Everyone that signed up please pay your $10 asap.

On-Ramp:   The make up times on Saturday are 12:30 pm for Monday and 1:30 pm for Wednesday.




21-15-9 reps of:


Power Clean

Ring Dip








9:30 am class doing it BIG this morning.


On-Ramp starting on the 7th:  If you are unable to make a Monday or Wednesday of any week there will be a make up day on Saturday.  The time to make up “Monday” on Saturday is 12:30 pm.  The time to make up “Wednesday” is 1:30.  Look forward to meeting everyone!

Kickball teams:  We are collecting all of the money “$10″ for the game now.  Please turn in ASAP and thanks in advance.  The tournament starts at 10am-4pm on Saturday the 12th @ the FLY behind the zoo.




Weighted Pull ups





*Mobility Work after*









Congratulations to Nikki on her completion of On-Ramp.

Welcome to the Big Easy family.


Rest day/ Holiday











The new wave of On-Ramp classes will start on Monday, January 7th.  Sign up now online.  The classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday @ 8:30 am or 7:30 pm.  A time on Saturday will be established to make up a missed day.  Must come to both days each week.  Email Zack at if you have any more questions. 


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