Meet Your Fellow Swole-Mates: Jenn S.


Jenn S.
Occupation: Infection Preventionist
Age: 27

What motivates you to come in 4-5x a week?
All the gainz! (Big or small they are all awesome)

What is your number 1 strength and number 1 weakness you have in CrossFit?
Strength: heavy barbell movements
Weakness: running and long WODs (mental toughness is hard for me)

What made you take the leap to start CrossFit?

I was 205 lbs, I had terrible eating habits, my doctor wanted to put me on medications that could be corrected with diet and exercise and honestly I was embarrassed. I had gained almost 70lbs since high school and went from an active teen to a couch potato. I also had just moved to a new state and needed to make friends and get out of my house more, so I did a google search, found a gym and signed up for on-ramp (I purposely skipped the free class because I knew it would be hard and I’d never come back).

What is your favorite part about CrossFit?
The community! I have met some awesome people and now consider many of them lifelong friends! CrossFit has helped me feel like ‘mm not alone after moving to two brand new cities and knowing no one.

Name one recent accomplishment you’ve made?
I competed in the Barbel Grand Prix and went 14/15 on my lifts!

What made you choose CrossFit over other fitness regimens?
I am terrible at thinking of things to do and get bored easily so I like the constant variety and really just need someone to tell me what to do.

Tell us about yourself. What’s a day in the life?
Well I am a pet mom to an almost 5 year old mini schnauzer and a 1 year old hedgehog. I work at a hospital and in my free time I enjoy going to the gym (of course) trying new foods, hanging out with friends and exploring NOLA.

What was the scariest part starting up? How did you overcome the fear?
I was terrified of being the slowest, weakest and last to finish and I was all of those things. Then the gym owner came up to me and said why are you trying to compete with everyone, just compete with yourself. Think of it as a race to a new you, celebrate the victories no matter how small, work on your weaknesses and walk around proud because everyday you are succeeding in becoming a new you! Ever since that day I stopped worrying about being last and started setting my own goals and focusing on me.

If I happen to finish a workout before someone my first goal is to cheer on everyone still working because they too are succeeding in becoming a new version of themselves and it should be celebrated!


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