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Crossfit Lean

The purpose of  CrossFit Lean is to offer the CrossFit experience to everybody in a non-intimidating setting.

Anybody, at any fitness level, can participate.

Workouts are scaled to each athlete’s ability. Coaches will help each athlete scale and substitute based upon experience, physical ability, age and injuries.

The workouts will follow the same format as our regular CrossFit classes and consist of the same basic movements, however there will be no heavy lifting and no Olympic lifts.

The focus of CrossFit Lean is on quality of movement, not high impact or high intensity.

The intensity will increase at each athlete’s individual pace.

The goals of CrossFit Lean are to enhance the athlete’s endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength and overall fitness.

Classes are always coached by one of our experienced coaches and held in a supportive, fun, group environment.

CrossFit Lean classes are open to all members.

CrossFit Lean does not require the On Ramp course prior to beginning CrossFit Lean classes. You will have to pay for personal training sessions to learn the movements only done in the regular Crossfit classes. 


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